May 6 2021

Making a Better World – Uncharted’s Economic Equality Initiative

Uncharted is about to launch applications for their new Economic Inequality Initiative to support teams working on radical ideas to address economic inequality. I have a long history with the Unreasonable Institute (renamed Uncharted in 2017) and the work they’ve been doing around empowering entrepreneurs from many different backgrounds who are working across the globe on some of our world’s most important problems. Since 2010, they have helped an amazing set of entrepreneurs raise over $250 million, created impact in 96 countries, and benefited 37 million lives around the world. Amazing!

Seeing extreme economic inequality as one of the biggest threats to America in the next 30 years, they’re launching their most ambitious program ever. I hope you can help get the word out. I’m really excited to be participating in this program.

The Initiative

The Economic Inequality Initiative focuses on supporting early-stage organizations (both for-profit and non-profit) with the clarity, connections, and capital they need to scale their solution, technology, pilot, or initiative that is addressing extreme economic inequality in the US.

Each participant gets:

  1. $25,000 unrestricted grant
  2. Access to world-class mentors
  3. Financial and Investment Experts to help teams prepare to raise capital. For every $1 that goes to Uncharted, we turn it into $8 of additional capital our portfolio takes on within two years

The Ideal Participant

  1. Type: Pre-incorporation, nonprofits, for-profits, pilots, partnerships, and policy experiments
  2. Stage: Completed a pilot or has proof of concept
  3. Geography: US-focused

I encourage anyone interested in social enterprise to check this out, even if you’re not looking for funding. Unreasonable is doing amazing work and they’re worth paying attention to. You can sign up for notifications and tips here.