May 10 2021

Some Great New Builder Events This Week

It’s Boulder Startup Week and there is a great lineup of events happening all week. I was really grateful when Dave Mayer from Technical Integrity suggested I consider an event during BSW to highlight some of the trends around diversity that we write about in The New Builders. Makisha Boothe from Sistahbiz (who is featured in the book) is going to join me for a wide ranging discussion about who is actually starting businesses these days and how we can and need to better support them. I hope you can join us for it, Tuesday May 11 at 1pm MTN. You can register here. And, of course, check out the other great Boulder Startup Week events taking place all week.

Also tomorrow – 11am MTN – my TNB co-author Elizabeth MacBride and I will be doing a live feed on Instagram with Camelback Ventures, an accelerator that works with early-stage, underrepresented entrepreneurs with the aim to increase individual and community education, and generational wealth. This is another great example of a support network that’s so critical for the new economy. Follow Camelback to join this event live, ask questions, and participate in this important conversation.

Next Tuesday, May 18, VentureCrush is going to host, Maya Horgan Famodu of Ingressive Capital, Kathryn Finney of Genius Guild as well as several other notable guests from business and venture (and me!). Given the deep diversity of this panel, it will undoubtedly be a fascinating conversation around the future of small business in the US and abroad.

Lastly, Foundry is hosting Elizabeth MacBride and me along with Senator John Hickenlooper, Congressman Joe Neguse and some amazing local New Builders to talk about infrastructure for small business and how government can better support our small business owners (from both a practical and a policy perspective).  This event will be held on May 18th at 1pm MTN. I’ll be writing more about this later in the week so keep an eye out for further details.