May 6 2016

Friday Afternoon Inspiration

Short post today from a portfolio company of ours and how they describe their culture and mission. I love it and thought it was a good way to end the week.

We all move forward, together
We understand that work is an integral part of a challenging life journey. Embracing our journey together enhances everyone’s experience and growth. Practicing empathy, as well as earning and maintaining the respect of our coworkers, are the core principles from which we all move forward together.
Our attitude shapes our experience
We affirm attitude is contagious. We are mindful that cultivating a positive attitude fosters a fun and energetic environment where we can all deliver our best results.
Our quest for improvement is never-ending
We recognize that we can always learn more to make ourselves and the business better. We support an environment that encourages trial and error, the ability to take risks, and the discipline to reflect on and learn from those actions.
We are united by the problem we are trying to solve.
We believe that the time and energy we spend building a business should be rooted in passion. Together, we are empowered by creating something we believe in. As individuals, we are dedicated to putting ego aside in order to serve our team, our customers, and a common goal with heart and integrity.