May 3 2010

23 days until Glue

As you can see from the date of my last post, I’ve been a bit tied up. Not to worry – new content coming soon. Including some more thoughts leading up to our Glue conference. In the meantime here’s a repost of some thoughts from Eric Norlin as we near 3 weeks out from Glue.

Yes, we are “rounding the bend” — 23 days until Gluecon. I feel like I’ve droned on endlessly about how great it’s going to be (I probably have), so let me just take a different approach by highlighting some things I’m looking forward to — starting at the END of Day 2 and working backwards a bit.

David Linthicum’s closing keynote: I’ve never met David, but he has the reputation of being super smart — having been around SOA architecture stuff, and now cloud stuff for quite some time. David told me he’s more comfortable speaking to a technical crowd, and I said, “perfect.” I’m looking forward to his thoughts where we go from here.

The  ”Hacking Identity” track  – which highlights user managed access (Eve Maler), federated provisioning (Nishant Kaushik), XAuth (Chris Messina), and Webfinger (Brad Fitzpatrick) and follows it up with a discussion moderated by Ian Glazer (of Burton Group, now Gartner).

“Integrating Drizzle” with Eric Day from Rackspace. Rackspace brought most of the Drizzle guys on board when the Sun-Oracle merger happened. I’m anxious to learn more.

“On Hadoop” with Todd Lipcon from Cloudera. Hadoop is about as dominant as it gets at the moment, and I profess to knowing far less about it than I should. You?

Three sessions on scalability and the cloud stack — from Bradford Stephens (Hadoop, HBase, Zookeeper), Oren Teich (of Heroku, on scaling apps), and Sebastian Stadil (Scalr).

That’s just one possible “track” of sessions that runs from Lunch to the end of Day 2. That’s an extra-large helping of information. In one afternoon. And you can make your own choices.

I’m really proud of what we’ve got going, and when I look around at what else is out there – be it 1 day unconferences (that cost the same as gluecon), or large tradeshows (that cost 2-3x gluecon), and exceedingly happy about the value that we’re offering developers. So, get your butt to Gluecon!