Feb 3 2011

Come to Glue for Free

You wouldn’t know if from the lack of activity on VC Adventure, but my one and only new year’s resolution for 2010 is to blog more. More consistently. More often. More reliably. So prepare for a flury (or at least a steady trickle) of blogging!

Back in the fall we announced that our Glue Conference had teamed up with Alcatel Lucent to sponsor 15 companies from across the country to attend Glue on ALU’s dime (selected companies not only get admission to the conference but also will be featured in ALU’s demo space at the show). Submissions are open – you can find out more information on applying here.

Our goal for Gluecon has always been to make it *the* gathering place for developers working on the connective technologies that hold the web and IT infrastructure together – from web services to SOA to APIs and cloud computing. So if your’e working on a project that fits the bill and want to have a chance to attend GlueCon for free, give it a shot.