Jun 10 2009

A post a day

I’ll admit (since it should be obvious to anyone who follows this blog) that I’ve done a terrible job this year of blogging consistently. I’m sure that much of it has to do with my schedule, but then again there are a lot of people who blog regularly who are plenty busy, so that’s not such a great excuse. I suspect that much of my problem is that I’ve just gotten out of the habit of regular blogging. What’s doubly frustrating from my end is that one of my explicit goals for the year for myself was to “blog more consistently”.  So far, not so good on that front.

So with this in mind, I’m going to throw my hat over the wall and commit to put up a post every business day through the end of the month. I can’t promise that they’ll all be tomes of knowledge and I haven’t stored up a bunch of posts in anticipation of making this declaration (actually, I haven’t stored up any posts for this – I’ll be writing as I go). We’ll see how this project goes and hopefully from there I can keep up a regular pace.