Feb 17 2009

Techstars Beantown!

I’ve been a *huge* fan of Techstars since first meeting David Cohen just over two years ago and have not been bashful about my love of the concept in previous blog posts.  For those of you not familiar with the program, Techstars brings together teams of entrepreneurs from across the country to participate in an intensive 3 month summer program to jumpstart their businesses. It’s heavily mentor and experiential driven – the teams work extremely closely with the program’s mentors to advance their businesses and the summer program is filled with guest speakers that cover an array of topics of specific interest to building young businesses.

Since launching in 2007 we’ve had 20 companies through the program (of which 12 have been angel or venture financed – two of whom have already been acquired – and two more are cash flow positive).  Personally, I’ve had an amazing time working with the Techstars companies. For me the program – and more specifically the program participants – symbolize everything that is great about the drive, energy, passion and commitment of entrepreneurship. I’m lucky to have been a part of a great group of mentors to the Boulder program.

Today is a big day for Techstars – they’ve announced the launch of Techstars Boston.  My friend Shawn Broderick will be running the program and already an unbelievably strong group of mentors has signed up to participate (see the 2nd paragraph here).  Having grown up in the Boston area and still having close connections there, I’m incredibly excited about expanding the Techstars footprint there.  With a strong program leader in Shawn and fantastic local support, I have no doubt that Techstars Boston will be every bit as successful as its Boulder-based cousin.

Applications for the Boston program are open (and remember that you don’t have to be located in Boston to apply).  Apply now!

[updated the stats on the 20 companies – 2 are cash flow positive]