Feb 27 2009

How to get your company into VCIR

Todd Vernon approached me last week to tell me that his perception – and that of a number of people in the Denver/Boulder community – was that the VCIR company selection process was a complete black box. This was eye opening to me (being involved in the process for years, I thought we had done an ok job letting people know how things work) and as I thought about it I realized that we really haven’t talked a lot about how we find companies for the conference and what the vetting process looks like.

The reality is that the process is pretty well thought out and (I hope) very fair. We have a large number of people on the selection committee who help rate the over 100 plans that we receive every year and we’re very active in trying to encourage entrepreneurs from around the region to submit their ideas. Tim Connor has written a post that’s now up on the VCIR Blog that describes the process in more detail. You can check it out here.