Feb 18 2009

Glue just keeps getting better

In case you still haven’t signed up for Glue (see my compelling post on why you should be coming here) let me give you two more reasons: Josh Elman and Bob Frankston. Josh is the "platform guy" at Facebook (and is helping push a greater degree of openness at FB) and Bob is the co-creator of VisiCalc (and will be talking about how he’s thinking about the web as a platform). Both have signed up to give keynotes at the conference (along with David Heinemeier Hanson and Mitch Kapor both of whom I wrote about in my previous post about the conference).

You can see the latest agenda here. Note that we’ve also added a handful of new workshops and sessions to the program, which is really coming together nicely.

Glue is shaping up to be the conference for people who care about the web as a platform. Hope to see you there…