Jan 14 2009

Why you should get stuck on "Glue"

At Foundry, we’re trying not just to respond to the conversation, or even to simply be a part of it.  We’re looking to help form and shape the conversation around technology areas that we care deeply about.  Maybe this sounds cheesy, but it’s absolutely true.  My partners and I are technology geeks first and foremost.

To that end we’ve been lucky enough to team up with Eric Norlin to work on a few conferences that bring together thought leaders in the technology industry.  I’ve written about Defrag several times – a conference that we’ve helped Eric create here in Denver in the past two years that has focused on leveraging technology to better organize, interpret and consume disparate information (thus the name "Defrag"). 

In 2009 we’re introducing another conference to the mix that we’re calling "Glue".  If Defrag is a high level discussion about meta-information, Glue is a more nuts and bolts discussion around the actual technologies that we use to pull this information together.  Presuppose the notion of cloud computing/platform as a service; assume the web as a platform.  Ok – now what?  Glue is going to bring together technologists to start to answer these questions. The discussion is generally going to be "below the browser" and if you check out the agenda (in process) you’ll see plenty of topic areas that relate to the details of the changing technology and architecture landscape.

Another thing that’s different about Glue is the price. I’d challenge you to find another two day event of this caliber anywhere close to this price point (a conference pass is $395).  Use the code "early1" and get $50 (but there are a limited number of discounts available, so best to register now, since you know you’ll be attending).

A special note to my techgeek friends from Denver and Boulder.  We’re working hard to build up this region as a real center for the conversation around emerging technologies. In my view every technologist in the region should be at this conference.  Register now and show your support. This is a golden opportunity to participate in a national conversation without having to fly to one of the coasts…