Nov 5 2008


For me the greatest impact of Barak Obama’s historic victory yesterday is the generational shift that it enables. I’m not talking about his generation, although there’s clearly a passing of the baton from the 60’s generation (people born in the 40’s) to the 80’s generation (people born in the 60’s).

I’m talking about his kids (and your kids and my kids) generation.  About the millions of children who woke up this morning with real possibility – with the realization that there are truly no limitations on their ambitions. 

I’m talking about the son of my best friend – about as aryan looking as one can be – who now likes to wear white shirts because he thinks they make his skin look darker and who laments that his blond, straight hair isn’t black and curly "like Barak’s". Or my own daughter whose eyes light up when she talks about she and Barak Obama having the same skin color.

Barak Obama ran a campaign of hope and change.  But really it was a campaign of possibility.  For us. For our kids. For the world. Whatever your politics, I hope you’ll stop to think about the amazing impact the events of the last 24 hours will have on generations of Americans who will follow us.