Oct 1 2008

Move to Boulder!

A handful of Boulder companies are pooling resources to bring 100 software developers to Boulder (see Boulder.me). If you’re interested in a chance to come out and see what we have to offer, take a look at what they’ve pulled together (my partner Chris Wand is heavily involved and has a post up about the event on the Foundry blog). 

Not only is Boulder a beautiful place to live, it’s a fantastic place to work and build successful companies (see Ryan and Jason’s view of moving from the Bay Area to Boulder here and here).  To quote from the "Boulder Wants You" post:

In the last several years, Boulder has been named #1 in Forbes’ “Smartest Cities in America”, #1 in Outside Magazine’s “20 Dream Towns”, #1 in Business 2.0’s “Top 20 Boom Towns”, and Best Overall in Men’s Journal’s “50 Best Places to Live” (three times in the last five years).

So if you’re a top notch developer, check us out.