Sep 9 2008

Linking around

A few things that might be of interest.

Foundry announced our latest investment – Pie Digital. Pie has created an "IT department in a box".  Brad jokes that he’ll no longer have to provide tech support for his parents. My dad is literally a rocket scientist, so I can’t exactly make that claim, but like Jason (see his post here), I’m looking forward to their product rolling out. You can read the Foundry post here.

I sat down with BusinessWeek’s Spencer Ante to talk about the Denver/Boulder tech scene. I liked Spencer a lot – very amiable and obviously knowledgeable about technology.  Here’s the article.

Want to know what you’re start-up’s worth?  Here’s a site that says it can predict what that will be.  Amusing…

How much should your company be burning? For you math geeks out there who were unsatisfied by my post on burn rates, see "You’re burning too much money", here’s a more scientific view.