May 27 2008

Jason Mendelson Blogs!

I know what you’ve been saying to your self: “Self – I’ve been looking to read a blog written by a reformed drummer, software guy and lawyer who is now a venture capitalist. Where can I find one of those?!?”
All joking aside, I’d encourage you to check out the blog that my partner Jason Mendelson (who is all of those things and many more) has just started. Jason is actually a long time blogger – writing regularly on Brad’s blog and as one of the founders of and main contributors to AskTheVC. Mendelson’s Musings will have a more personal flair (although will continue to cover investing and venture capital topics as well). Along those lines be sure to check out his music page for great new music suggestions.
There are many things I admire about Jason – he’s an extremely interesting and creative guy (especially for a former lawyer!). He’s also an excellent writer. I think you’ll enjoy what he has to say.