Apr 23 2008

Is Facebook replacing email?

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that I love platforms in general and Facebook in particular.  And since I’ve been thinking about messaging recently (see my post yesterday on Twitter as my new instant messenger) I’ve been noticing the increasingly varied methods I use to communicate.  I’m curious if others have also experienced a trend away from old school email. In particular I’m seeing an increase in the volume of messaging on Facebook – from Jeff suggesting on my wall that I try out Twhirl (in response to a tweet about a Snitter problem I was having) to old high school buddies re-connecting through direct message. And I’m not even a heavy Facebook user.

A few months ago my partner Jason conducted a poll of online behavior of a few hundred undergraduates at his alma matter (unscientific for sure, but still extremely interesting).  Among the things discovered was that among this group about 20% were almost exclusively using Facebook as their main messaging platform.  A friend told me recently that his kids (14 and 17) laugh at him about sending email (all of their messaging is done over Facebook).  Definitely a trend to pay attention to.

I’m curious what others experiences have been.  Let me know.