Feb 8 2008

Go Newmerix! Go!

I’ll keep this brief since I hear from readers that they are not crazy about me using this space for plugging portfolio companies.  I rarely do that, but yesterday’s announcement from Newmerix was too good to pass up.  You can read the full release here.  For the 95% of you who aren’t familiar with the company, Newmerix provides a suite of tools for managing, testing and maintaining packaged application environments – specifically SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft. I know – you’re probably wondering where you can get a copy for yourself (here), but actually it’s a sticky problem for a huge number of companies around the world. 

As you’ll see from the release the company had an outstanding 4th quarter and fiscal 2007, signing a bunch of new customers, more then doubling bookings and revenue and releasing a handful of key products.  I’m pretty sure this is their first "here’s how we’re doing" release – they picked a good one.