Feb 25 2008

And then there was Foundry . . .

There are a couple of very key dates in the history of Foundry Group.  The day when Brad, Chris, Jason, Ryan and I actually formed the legal entity that is Foundry . . . the day last fall of the first close on our first fund, Foundry Venture Capital 2007 . . . the day shortly thereafter when we held our final close of that fund . . . and today – the day we’re launching a real web site.  www.foundrygroup.com is now up and running and is much improved from the brochure-ware site we had as a stand-in during fundraising. 

We think it represents our collective personality well with a front page blog, links to ask questions at askthevc.com and easy navigation to find out how to contact us.  Jason has authored our initial blog post – Hello World and we also have a portfolio page that links to 4 of our initial investments.  We’ve talked about Memeo (here and here) and Zynga (here) on our personal blogs in the past, but our investments in Oblong and Lijit are new.  You’ll see us write more about those soon as well as some of the key investment themes we’re concentrating on in the coming weeks.  So check it out; subscribe to our blog; and check back in to see what we’re up to.