Dec 11 2007

Skinny Songs!

My partner and friend Heidi Roizen has just gone public with her new venture. No – it’s not another tech start-up.  It’s Skinny Songs – a collection of music that she wrote and produced as a soundtrack to inspire those trying to lose weight.  Its part country, part rock, all attitude and extremely catchy (there are sample tracks on the site linked to above – my personal favorite is I think I’ll go to Saks).

Heidi joked that she’s going to have to start wearing all black with lots of bling and air-kissing her friends now that she’s a media mogul.  In all seriousness, however, I’ve watched how hard Heidi has worked on this project over the summer and through the fall.  It’s clearly more than a business for her.  Like all great entrepreneurs she has extraordinary passion for what she’s doing – it’s been great to watch!

For more on the SkinnySongs story check out this Forbes article that describes how the project came about.