May 30 2007

Twittering away

I have to admit that when I set up my Twitter account I thought I’d be turning it off after a few days for lack of interest. Instead I was calling up T-Mobile ordering a higher volume sms package.

I have to say there’s something addicting about it – I like the short message format; I like hearing what my friends are up to; I like the record of my day that it creates for me and for people that are following me; in short – it’s just fun. My Twitter ID is Sether ( if you want to see what I’m doing.

A few quick comments, in case this post finds its way to the Obvious gang (creators of the Twitter app):

  • it’s too hard to find users and even harder to add them to your network. seems like this should be much much easier. and while we’re talking about it, what’s the difference between friends and followers?
  • i’d like to be able to reply to the individual sender – replying to a twitter message sends a note back to twitter (meaning it gets broadcast as a twitter message to your friends and followers) rather than sending a message back to the poster. at a minimum a reply should trigger a ‘comment’ like feature (that would keep it w/in the twitter ‘system’ if that’s what the issue is), but ideally, you could reply directly to the message originator.
  • it would be great to be able to twitter pictures.

If you really get into the service, check out TinyTwitter ( – an app written by my friend Kevin Crawley which will save you the hassle (if you think of it that way) of constant IM pings. Very slick and in typical Kevin fashion both simple and extremely useful at the same time.