Jun 5 2006

Syndicate NYC Thoughts

Here are a couple of high level thoughts on the Syndicate Conference held a few weeks ago in New York (ok – I’m weeks late getting this up, but the next Syndicate conference isn’t for another 6 months, so from that perspective I’m early!).

First – Here’s the conference website Next – Here’s IDG’s marketing spin post conference (which does highlight some of the announcements that came out of the week) Finally – Here’s the conference blog site
My quick 3 take-away’s were as follows:

there was a lot of traditional media there (Hearst, USA Today, etc.) – early adopters but mainstream nonetheless

there were a number of large companies poking around (for example both FedEx and UPS where there)

very few VC’s showed up; I only saw the group from my panel presentation. not sure if this was due to location (NYC) or lack of start-ups (although there were several there, some of whom were venture backed already, some of whom were not), but interesting to note.