Oct 26 2005

If I Only Knew

By all measures my “date” with Ben Casnocha was great (see my original post here, his here). As he points out, you skip a lot of the get-to-know you bs when you’ve had such rich interaction before actually getting together (particularly reading each others blogs, which really do provide nice insight and context). If you’ve ever read Ben’s blog, you already know that he’s light-years ahead of most high school students and remarkably well rounded and thoughtful. From the start this was all pretty apparent (he actually bought my coffee, which sounds like a small thing, but I can assure you probably wouldn’t have crossed my mind when I was in high school). We had a wonderfully wide ranging conversation (which interestingly included a bunch of “I wrote about (or read about) this on my (your) blog . . . “). Of particular note was the concept that perhaps Ben should give ‘life college’ a try rather than going to a school for four years. Not sure his parents are into this, but it’s a great idea and, while I was definitely jaded by my own experience (which leads me to believe that people should probably go to college but skip business school, perhaps because that’s the route I took), I actually think that given Ben’s goals this may be a pretty interesting concept.

I wish I was as clued into life as Ben is when I was in high school (or college . . . or after college . . .).

We could have kept going for hours but unfortunately I had to get to another meeting. I know we’ll get together again to continue the conversation.

If you get a chance to meet Ben you should – he’s definitely doing great things. . .