Jul 4 2005

Gnomdex Redux – As if you where there

Sorry – meant to have this one up a little more proximate to the actual event . . . You go to Gnomdex? Me neither.  I was bummed I missed it, so I spent some time rummaging around on Google and Technorati looking for some links.  Here’s a few that I found that, while they don’t replace the experience of attending in person, at least give you a little bit of the flavor.

Here’s the conference site. – http://gnomedex.com/

Here’s the conference update site (scroll down and track the action) – http://gnomedex.com/updates/ Here’s the conference blog roll (links to attendees who blog) – http://www.gnomedex.com/updates/2005-04.phtml

Here’s some photos put up by “laughing squid” – here and here.

Of course the big announcement at Gnomdex was Microsoft’s broad support in Longhorn for RSS. Nick Bradbury had a great review here.

I’ll see you there next year. <g>