May 23 2005

Welcome Will Price to Blogging

I’m always encouraged when I see other non-partner VC’s blogging. As regular readers of this blog know, I’m using it in part to explore some of the differences between being a partner and being a non-partner in the venture industry. While there are a number of great VC partner blogs, there are many fewer non-partners writing (when I started VC Adventure there were almost none). We’ve added one more to the ranks recently – my friend Will Price from Pequot Ventures. I first met Will about 10 years ago when we were both analysts for Morgan Stanley. Like me, Will didn’t take well to banking and has traveled a somewhat circuitous path to his role at Pequot. He’s a smart guy (despite not yet linking to me in his blogroll <g>) and worth taking a look at. So Will Price – welcome to the blogosphere and to the world of VC blogging. I hope your posts are insightful and direct.