Apr 29 2005

Your on-line world

Remember The Brain?  It was a cool technology for people to map out linkages in their universe. Companies could use it to map out enterprise relationships; individuals could use it to keep track of who knew whom in their universe (a precursor to the social networking concept); they even had some search capabilities that allowed you to view your search results in terms of how they mapped to each other (they call this the WebBrain).  Interesting stuff.

In my continuing search for better ways to represent data (see my original post on the subject here), I also came across MyDensity (thanks for Brady Bohrmann for pointing it out to me).  Its powerful stuff – basically a way to visually map out linkages for any site.  Try it on your blog (or anyone else’s for that matter) – it’s fascinating to see the mini-universe that is your on-line life).  This technology alone doesn’t solve the data representation problem that I’ve been writing and thinking about a lot lately but its another piece of the puzzle.

Somewhere in all these data is the secret sauce I’m looking for.  Please write if you have ideas or thoughts to share.