Apr 1 2005

Burn me!

I complained a while back about how much the feed stats in TypePad suck.  I then proceeded to do absolutely nothing about it, I guess figuring that site stats were something that would be high on their priority list and they would somehow figure it out.  Well, they haven’t so I have a request to make. The basic problem I have with the TypePad stats is that they don’t provide me good data on who is subscribed to my feed.  About a week into writing this blog I started using FeedBurner – which has much better information about who is reading my posts.  The problem is that  my FeedBurner stats only capture people who subscribed after that first week – and I know that a bunch of people subscribed in the first few days after I put up my first post (a result of some shameless self promotion I did).

A few people suggested after my last post  on the subject that I simply ask people to re-subscribe to the feed using my new FeedBurner URL.  I put that off for a few months, but I think its time.  My request is simple – would you check the source URL for your subscription to this feed.  I would appreciate it if you could make sure it is: