Mar 24 2005

On VC Suckage

Only hours away from posting a link to this great article by Paul Graham on why VCs suck (A Unified Theory of VC Suckage), when both Brad and Fred beat me to it.

That didn’t keep me from sending the link directly to a couple of people who I thought would get a kick out of it (and wouldn’t necessarily see those blog entries). This list included my father – Randy Levine – who is the founder, initial CEO and now a director of a venture-backed start-up. Dad and I regularly trade stories about the relationships between VCs and their investors – comparing notes on our experiences from different sides of the table. Dad and I had the following exchange about this story which I found extremely amusing and worth sharing: seth: dad – I think you’ll find this amusing [link to story]dad: Everybody’s situation is different, but he captures a lot of common experience. seth: I thought it was pretty funny dad: That’s the difference between dealing with VCs and being a VC. seth: which is to say that you didn’t find it amusing ? just scary . . . ? dad: I guess it depends on which end of the cavity search you’re on . . . So I guess one’s amusement at the post varies based on where you sit; which in itself is pretty amusing . . .