Feb 17 2005

A small step?

This is a totally vain story, but I’ve been asked about this a few times, so I’ll repeat it here – plus it goes to the heart of why I blog which is something I realized in looking over some of my posts that I haven’t been writing much about. (This reminds me that still haven’t finished my post on ‘is blogging about vanity?’ yet – not sure what’s keeping me from doing that . . .).

Over the past couple of months I’ve been asked how I might measure my success as a blogger. I’m blogging for two primary reasons:
1) I want to make a name for myself. I’m a young VC who wants to stay in the venture capital world and have an impact – with my ideas; with the companies I fund; with the causes I support. I’m also located in Colorado and as such am somewhat isolated from VC ground zero, the Bay Area. Getting my voice out there supports my efforts to connect with other VCs and entrepreneurs and, I hope, will make me both a better venture capitalist as well as a better known venture capitalist (both of which I hope will allow me to do this for a long time).
2) I find it helpful to put my thoughts down on paper. I’ve always enjoyed writing (it’s the liberal arts major in me). It’s like taking a long bike ride – it helps me process and organize my thoughts and forces me to more thoroughly think through the subjects that I post on (see my blog on the difference between starting a blog and finishing a blog here).

With this as background, the answer that I usually give people who ask me about how I’ll know if I’m doing what I intend to by blogging is that I’ll know that its working when I’m introduced to someone I’ve never met before and they say something to the effect of ‘nice to meet you . . . you know, I read your blog.’

Well wouldn’t you know that this exact thing happened to me last week at VC in the Rockies. It was actually pretty cool. No doubt I have a long way to go as a Blogger, but I hope this is a sign that things are moving in the right direction.