Venture Capital

Is your VC a rockstar?

I had two people at VC in the Rockies this week say that VC’s were rockstars. I hope that’s not really what most VCs actually think. I always thought of entrepreneurs as rockstars. We’re just the groupies.

Who do I work for?

In a recent post I pointed out how autonomous the venture business can be. If that’s the case, then, who do I work for? Brad hired me and I spent several years working directly for him (i.e., supporting him in his investments). He’s still my boss, although we don’t have a traditional reporting relationship (I’m…

Why are VCs so indecisive?

Ever notice how indecisive many VCs are? Maybe I’m just quick tempered, but it bugs the hell out of me that so many of my venture colleagues can’t seem to make a decision. Sometimes this shows up in overanalyzing a prospective investment (just to turn it down later for a completely unrelated reason which came…

An army of one

One of the reasons I started this blog was to try to give readers some insights on life as a venture capitalist. I was reading some old posts and realized that I haven’t written on this topic in a while. Funny thing about venture capital – something I’ve really noticed as I transitioned from supporting…

Should I quit my venture job?

Perhaps it’s just a sign of a bubble, but I’ve had several people (entrepreneurs, partners at venture firms and junior partners/senior associates) ask me in the past month whether I was thinking about leaving venture capital to join a company. Their thinking generally follows the logic that given the new Web 2.0 paradigm (presumably they…

What makes a great start-up market?

Here’s one take on that ubiquitous question (ubiquitous at least for those of us who live outside of the bay area). The simple answer is Nerds and Money, but the more complex answer is much more amusing. Link –

Sand Hill Slave

Here’s a different view of venture capital – from someone who has clearly seen quite a bit.  Very amusing!  Be sure to check out the worst ever VC names. (from Paul Kedrosky’s Infectious Greed)

What your business does in fewer than 5 sentences

I had a chance to sit through the practice session for a handful of the companies that are presenting at this year’s VC in the Rockies conference (not too late to register, by the way – it’s a great showcase of Colorado venture deals, not to mention world class skiing). Many of them had one…

How to make a good VC pitch – an entrepreneur’s perspective

Among the companies I poked fun at yesterday was Fleck. Turns out they have a blog. Also turns out that their latest post was a really good one – an entrepreneur’s perspective on how to give a good venture pitch. I wrote a post about a year ago on the same subject.  This is a…