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Email closings

I wrote a post a few years ago poking fun at how people (myself included) sign off on their email correspondence. Ben recently pointed me to a Post article on the same subject (written a little more seriously than mine).  I continue to find amusing the myriad of ways people use to sign their emails – especially now that social media “coolness” has invaded the tech circles that I run around in (i.e., where there’s more pressure than ever to be seen as cool and with it in the tech world). This has only served to increase the craziness of email sign-offs. Here are a few of my favorites along with my interpretation of their meaning (updated with a few…

Wanted: Information

I don’t know what happened to Google alerts, but I’m not getting anything from my alerts these days. I have maybe 60 alerts set up and get maybe a one alert every other day – I know I’m missing just about everything that’s really being written out there, but can’t figure out why. While they say that ignorance is bliss, I’m feeling less utopic than just uninformed. I was going to switch everything over to Yahoo! alerts but I thought that before I did that I’d poll you to see if anyone had suggestions on alternatives. Any ideas?