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Friday Fun #6 – You Had One Job

As internet memes go, You Had One Job is a fun one. There are a few versions running around but the one I pay attention to is the Twitter handle @_youhadonejob1. Full of amusing pictures of things gone a little awry… Happy Friday!

What’s The Optimal Portfolio Strategy for a Venture Fund?

Last year I wrote a few posts (here and here) that talked about how skewed venture returns were. The key take-away graphic from that post is below – outsized returns on venture investments are rare. Much rarer than most people realize. A key question my post didn’t consider was what the ideal venture portfolio might look like in the face of these data.  Steve Crossan took a stab at modeling the answer to that question using the data from my Outcomes post. It’s an interesting read – you can see his full analysis here. Interestingly, we pondered this exact question at the very start of Foundry Group. Nassim Taleb’s book, The Black Swan had just come out and we decided to read the…