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Letting go

Everyone deserves to have one truly outstanding dog sometime in their lives. For us this dog was Beau – our 100lb yellow lab. Beau was a truly sweet dog.  It’s hard to describe what this really means to those who never met him, but Beau was gentle despite his size and sweet in a way…

First round valuations

I get quite a few questions sent in by readers and am going to make more of an effort to post some of the ones that I think would be of general interest (please – keep them coming). Recently Jonathan asked: Do you have any reference regarding recent pre seed, seed, and first round valuations…

Linking around 8/15

Here are a few links worth taking a look at: Google Trends – (thanks to Jason for the pointer).  I played around with this a while ago – they’ve improved it so you can compare search trends for different terms at the same time and also see what region the searches are coming from….